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We´ve updated the control possibilities.
Now you can choose between 8 waveforms and control the frequency of the LFO (low frequency oscillator) with the TAP SPEED soft switch.

The new LFO has a wider range of frequencies, in addition two of the waves are random which allows you to add the unpredictable magic of chance to your sounds.


This is what Pedal Casters has written about the previous version:


This is the Comodoro Pedales Retardez! A pedal that defies effect categories and boundaries of what delay and modulation devices can do. With a myriad of possibilities, this pedal is a dream for the sonic explorer! The craftsmanship is amazing, everything has been thought out and look at it! Looks amazing! Also, the packaging is fantastic!

With this pedal, you'll get truly original sounds! Your tweaking abilities will be the only limitation here: delays, reflections that almost sound like modulated reverb, detunes to full on chorus and vibrato, pitch warbles, oscillations, lo-fi textures and crazy spaceship sounds!




DELAY_ Adjusts the delay time.


FEEDBACK_ Controls the number of repetitions. A single repetition with the pot to the minimum that increases by turning right to a point where the delay enters the self-oscillation.


BLEND_ Mix the clean signal with the one processed by the effect.
Only the processed signal is heard with the potentiometer turned fully clockwise.


SPEED_ Adjusts the frequency of the LFO.


WAVE_ 8 position rotary switch. Choose from 8 waveforms for the LFO:
Ramp up, ramp down, square, triangular, sine, sweep and two random waves.


DEPTH_ Adjusts the amount of modulation that affects the signal processed by the delay. With the pot to a minimum, the delay is not affected by modulation.
* This pot interacts with the DELAY pot, with short times the signal is less affected by the LFO than with longer times.
** It can be controlled with an expression pedal.


TAP SPEED_ Two stomps to adjust the frequency (SPEED).



WEIGHT: 400gr.



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